Municipalities and cities

CHAMBERY Métropole (France) Photographic project on the transportation system for the Urban Development Plan ECHIROLLES (France) “The West End” : Work carried out in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team (sociologists, urban designers, landscape architects) within the framework of a city project entitled Pic Urban. Participation in the analysis phase of the neighbourhood before its restructuring. […]

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Lofts à Montréal. Exposition Histoires de lofts à Montréal par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

Loft Stories

Artist-in-residence for the “Mois de la Photo in Montreal / 2001” and “France au Québec / la saison” programmes I created a photographic project accompanied by video-recorded dialogues. Through interaction with artists living in industrial lofts, this work probes the origins of the site, the place of the artist in the city, new uses for […]

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Création photographique sur l'espace urbain par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe


Project commissioned by the city of Echirolles (France) / 2002 and the Rhone-Alpes Regional Board of Cultural Affairs / 2004 Within the framework of the European “Pic Urban” programme, I worked with a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, urban designers and landscape architects on an analysis of the west-side neighbourhood of the city of Echirolles before […]

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