Entre l'eau et la lumière - Création et installation photographique sur le monde de l'énergie hydraulique par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

(Français) Attribution d’une subvention d’Aide Individuelle à la Création / juillet 2023

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Attribution d’une subvention d’Aide Individuelle à la Création par la Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Quarante années de mon parcours de photographe auteur, avec une préoccupation majeure pour la scénographie d’exposition, sont la base de ce projet de recherche. Deux aspects complémentaires le […]

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Municipalities and cities

CHAMBERY Métropole (France) Photographic project on the transportation system for the Urban Development Plan ECHIROLLES (France) “The West End” : Work carried out in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team (sociologists, urban designers, landscape architects) within the framework of a city project entitled Pic Urban. Participation in the analysis phase of the neighbourhood before its restructuring. […]

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"Poissons cosmiques" et symbolique de l'eau, photographie d'Anne-Marie Louvet

Cosmic fish

Project about water and fish symbolism Over the years, my photographic work, while focusing on people, has always reflected a close relationship with matter, the processes involved in its transformation and, in particular, the element water. Water is the sap and the substance of all existence, the source of life, purification and rejuvenation and the […]

Momie au Museum de lyon par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe


Commissioned by the “Muséum d’histoire naturelle” in Lyon, France The atmosphere in a natural history museum is often mysterious and sometimes disturbing. Who is the observer? Who is the observed? A strange interaction takes place between the visitor and the exhibited articles. The object reflects our memories and our history, leading us to a reflection […]

Répétition du spectacle Docteur Labus chorégraphie de Jean-Claude Galklotta, Groupe Emile Dubois par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe


Commissioned by the “Centre chorégraphique national of Grenoble” (Jean-Claude Gallotta) When I photograph people, I try to establish a feeling of proximity and capture the moments where gestures, bodies and contact take form in the objective. For this, I am present in a way that allows people to totally forget my camera. In this project, […]

Photographies dans les papeteries Arjo Wiggins de Rives par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

Sensitive paper

Project commissioned for Arjo Wiggins Rives, a paper manufacturer In a project conducted for Arjo Wiggins Rives, a paper manufacturer, I highlighted the transformation of matter as well as the know-how and gestures of the men and women who work in this industry. EXHIBITIONS Rives / 1997 The “Mois du Graphisme” graphic arts exhibition in […]

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Lofts à Montréal. Exposition Histoires de lofts à Montréal par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

Loft Stories

Artist-in-residence for the “Mois de la Photo in Montreal / 2001” and “France au Québec / la saison” programmes I created a photographic project accompanied by video-recorded dialogues. Through interaction with artists living in industrial lofts, this work probes the origins of the site, the place of the artist in the city, new uses for […]

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Exposition Appartement(s) témoin(s) par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

Appartement(s) Témoin(s)

Creation while artist-in-residence commissioned by the “Office Public HLM” and the city of Villeurbanne (France) / 1993 Mois de la photo in Paris / 1994 * this title has a double meaning in French : “model-apartments” and a personal account of these apartments In 1993, I worked in Villeurbanne (suburbs of Lyon), photographing the interiors […]

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Création et installation photographique sur le monde de l'énergie hydraulique par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe

From water to light

Project commissioned for the 50th anniversary of EDF, the French electricity board / 1996 Rather than simply depicting the visual reality of the world of hydraulics, my choice as an artist was to use the museum space to create an atmosphere reflecting the sensations of this universe. I focused on workers whose job was “turning […]

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Création photographique sur l'espace urbain par Anne-Marie Louvet photographe


Project commissioned by the city of Echirolles (France) / 2002 and the Rhone-Alpes Regional Board of Cultural Affairs / 2004 Within the framework of the European “Pic Urban” programme, I worked with a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, urban designers and landscape architects on an analysis of the west-side neighbourhood of the city of Echirolles before […]

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