Anne-Marie Louvet
creative photography

My work explores human reality, focusing on the expression of its most intimate aspects.
For nearly thirty years, my projects have embraced a variety of contexts including housing, work, urban development and other cultures.
Carte blanche commissions, artistic residencies and personal projects.

In my work, I continuously strive to capture the essence of the surrounding cultural or social identity in an effort to present a living chronicle of people in their environment.
Concerned with creating an awareness of social issues through artistic and documentary photography, my approach implies a strong commitment to the subject, often requiring a relatively long period to develop the necessary confidence with the people I photograph.
Depending on the project, I work alone, within multi-disciplinary teams or with the people concerned by the subject.

I see my projects as complete creations, presented in different ways depending on the subject and context. For this reason, I often taken on both the photographic work and the overall design of the exhibition space, adapting it to the content of my photographs and, in some cases, integrating texts, lighting, audio or video.

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