Histoires de lofts

Double-take : industry changes 1991-2013

In 1991, I took a personal look at 38 of the leading companies in the region around Grenoble (France). The resulting series of black and white film-based photos taken at night revealed hidden aspects of a daily universe more often perceived through the angle of efficiency and productivity than from an artistic point of view. The night lent a note of mystery, magic and tension to these momentarily deserted locations.

In 2013, I photographed the same companies from similar angles, but this time in daylight and using colour digital photography. The contrasting nature of these two series sheds new light on the changes that have profoundly affected industry, the economy, urbanism and society over the past twenty-two years.


Musée de la Houille blanche / 2013


Édition Conseil général de l'Isère / Musée de la Houille blanche, 2013



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