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Project commissioned by the city of Echirolles (France) / 2002 and the Rhone-Alpes Regional Board of Cultural Affairs / 2004

Within the framework of the European “Pic Urban” programme, I worked with a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, urban designers and landscape architects on an analysis of the west-side neighbourhood of the city of Echirolles before its restructuring.
With a sociologist, I organised a photo workshop with the inhabitants. Their work made it possible to examine and discuss the strong and weak points of the neighbourhood and was followed by various slide shows, exhibits and publications.
I chose to present my vision of this neighbourhood by focusing on locations representing crossroads between highly contrasted locations. On either side of a passageway, contradictory spaces lie face to face. People move between these urban spaces without remarking these contrasts. My panoramic views are each made up of two photos that capture the inhabitants in this no man's land.
In 2004, I pursued my Crossroads project in a number of towns in the Rhones-Alpes region, commissioned by the Rhone-Alpes Regional Board of Cultural Affairs to create the photographic work for the publication “City Action” .


Moulins de Villancourt - Échirolles / 2001


“Agir sur la ville” - “City Action”
DRAC Rhône-Alpes - La Passe du vent / 2004 ISBN 2-84562-074-8


Artothèque de Grenoble
Ville d’Échirolles



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